About Me

So who is this Midway guy anyway?

Good question that deserves answer. I’m just a pseudonym on the Internet who likes to talk about options trading. I’m a part-time trader with a pretty busy day job that involves travel so that makes things interesting. I’ve been trading daily since 2016 and have been a student of options for a few years before that. I got interested in options through stock trading and found options to be more to my liking. I found some mentors and started along my way. I’m consider myself still a student of the craft but I’m learning more each day, each week, each trade. I have struggled to find an active community of folks online who like this stuff so I figured I’d try to start one.

As a fan of alt-tech I started talking to folks on the Finance group on Gab and found a few folks on there who liked to talk about options. At one point, I was trying to answer a question and figured a video would be better than trying to type it out and so I set up a BitChute channel called “MidwayTrades” and did my first video. That became the “Trade Review” series which I still do today although those are not regular as I use that series to point out trades that have something interesting that I think can help people learn something about trading. From there, I thought that part of starting a community is to attempt to do some basic education about options, so I created the “Options Fundamentals” series. It’s 17 episodes long and most of the videos are 20 minutes or less but they cover the basics as far as I’m concerned starting with what are options, going over the Greeks, talking about some common spreads, and finally talking about using all of these concepts to build a trading plan. I think it’s a good set of basic concepts which I hope will help folks get an idea what this strange world is about as well as give me places to point folks as I do other topics.

Once the Fundamentals series ended, I decided to try “This week @MidwayTrades”. The idea here is to take the weekly reviews I do of my trades and put them up on the Internet for folks to see: the good, the bad, and the ugly. This way folks can get an idea what it’s like to trade options every day and hopefully it will spark some discussions which has always been the goal of trying to create this community.

Finally, I decided to set up my own site here at www.midwaytrades.com as a place where I can not only archive and make available all of the materials in the video series but also do some longer form blog posts and hopefully get some folks talking in a dedicated space. The goal isn’t to make money on this, just get discussions going. Trading can be a very solitary craft and I think having folks to talk about trading is a good thing.

Anyway, that’s about it for now. Feel free to look around, comment and reach out if you have any questions or ideas. I’d love to hear them.

— Midway